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dinner menu


We do all the cooking, you pick up, warm when you get home and enjoy...

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Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantain Chips

chaat spice, three dips 18

Beet Apple Salad

arugula, frisee, fennel, hazelnut, chevre, red pepper vinaigrette 20


grilled apple, cranberry sauce, greens, lemon olive oil, grilled bread 22

Butter Beans

baby lima beans, butter, creole seasoning 12

Pommes Frites

garlic aioli + harissa ketchup 12

Seared Brussels Sprouts

balsamic, bacon, butter, herbs 12

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

za'atar yogurt 12

Collard Greens

posardi tomato, onion 12

Jalapeño Hushpuppies 

bacon, cheese, scallions, hot honey 12

vegetarian available upon request!

Jerk Chicken Skewers

sweet potato dip, demi-glace 14

Steak Skewers

chili marinade, chimichurri 16

Chicken Tikka Masala

house made pita, raita 22

(add jasmine rice +4)




Jamaican Jerked Chicken

sweet potato coconut puree, collard greens, plantain 36

Jamaican Jerked Tofu

sweet potato coconut puree, collard greens, plantain 30

Grass Fed Hanger Steak

mashed potatoes, shiitake, rainbow chard, demi glace 38

Alaskan Salmon

 brussels sprouts, fennel, black rice, miso caramel sauce 38

Seared Duck Breast

roasted carrots, chard, butter beans, hazelnut, cranberry demi-glace 36

Rockfish Tacos

chipotle aioli, red cabbage, chili oil, cilantro, rice and beans 30

Roasted Yam Tacos

avocado puree, red cabbage, chard, red onion, lime, cilantro, rice and beans 26

Mushroom Risotto

local mushrooms, creme fraiche, parmigiano-regiano, fresh herbs 30

Ricotta Gnocchi

roasted squash, squash puree, sage brown butter, parmigiano-reggiano 28

Jamaican Ital Curry

chayote, taro, plantain, rice and peas (vegan) 28

The True Burger*©

house grind St. Helen’s beef, shallot jam, garlic aioli, 

local greens, frites, harissa ketchup 22

Add white cheddar +2  Add bacon +2  Add sunny side egg* +2

...and for the vegetarian, sub Beyond Beef ©

Vegan version by request!

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